About us

We enhance the crisis management capability of the leadership team.

BRM was founded in 1998 by Per Holmgren, who had a background in nuclear safety.


The initial assignments were carried out in public transportation in Stockholm (risk analysis for the new tram line was the first assignment) and within Swedish healthcare.


In 2001, crisis management became increasingly important after September 11, and the first crisis plan for one of our major clients was created in 2001.


The first crisis exercise was conducted in 2003.


During the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, many realized the need for better crisis preparedness, and in the autumn of 2005, many organizations reached out.


Since then, the world and Sweden have experienced various crises and challenging events (the 2008 financial crisis, refugee crises, pandemics, the war in Ukraine, and numerous local crises).


During our time, we have worked to assist organizations before, during, and after crises have occurred. Through these experiences, we have gained extensive knowledge of what works to minimize risks and crises.


BRM has expanded our scope of work, our methods and services, and, not least, our client base. Today, we have worked in nearly all sectors, often with the most well-known organizations and brands.

Since our inception in 1998, we have had assignments with over 500 organizations, including:

We have also been engaged as consultants in several critical and security-sensitive operations.

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