Crisis App

CrisisCapto is an app for alerting, convening and initiating the crisis management team's handling of an incident.  In the case of a serious event, it is not always certain whether it should be declared a crisis or not. The employee can then go to the "Assessment criteria" function to get support as to whether the incident is a crisis or not.

If the assessment criteria show that the event is a crisis, the employee must alert the crisis team via the "Create new alert" function.

There are options to choose which participants in the crisis management should be alerted. When participants are alerted, an invitation is sent by both SMS and E-mail (if this is desired) where they can click on the link and announce whether they are participating or not. Once the alarm has been sent out, participants will have access to the checklists transferred from the management team's crisis plan, this function facilitates crisis work and ensures that critical time is not lost.

In the event that the management team needs to know if their staff is safe, there is a function called "Are you OK?". Here, the management team can choose to either contact the entire business, or perhaps just one region. The staff do not need to have access to the app, a hyperlink is sent out which takes the staff on to a page where they can press if they are okay or not. This makes it easier for the management team to set up a priority list of which employees should be contacted first.

If there is a need to send out critical and quick information, the management team can choose to create an info message, here too the management team can decide which employees should receive the information and on which channels.