Tell us a little bit about the background to the relaunch of CrisisCapto?

CrisisCapto has long been an important additional service for us and our customers, it is a quick and easy way to alert and convene the crisis management team. However, we felt that the service did not reach its full potential. We have therefore focused a lot on strengthening the system's stability and availability, but maintained its basic idea, which is based on our crisis plan methodology. The idea is that the app will become a good complement and an important tool for our customers who have our crisis plan today.

Is there any new features in the app?

Yes, the biggest news is that our customers now have access to their crisis plan directly in the app, which makes it easy to access their own checklist in the event of a crisis. The function has long been requested and we are especially pleased that it is so easy to move around the documents. Just by pressing the table of contents, you are taken directly to your checklist. This means that members of the crisis management team can read the crisis plan already on their way to the crisis management room, and then know exactly what needs to be done when they arrive. Another news is that customers will now be able to administer their users and texts themselves. A flexible solution that I know will be appreciated.

Can anyone buy CrisisCapto now?

CrisisCapto is primarily aimed at those who have our crisis plan today, which is quite natural as the app is based on our crisis plan methodology. So at the moment the app will be offered to customers who have our crisis plan, but we also don't want to close the door completely to customers who have a crisis organization in place and who want to find an easier way to alert their crisis management.

There are other similar apps out there, what makes CRISISCAPTO different?

There is, but CrisisCapto differs from other apps because it is designed specifically to alert crisis management teams and simplify the initial work in a crisis. It can often be difficult to get a hold of all members of the crisis management team, and at the same time ensure that everyone knows what to do during the alerting event itself. CrisisCapto is and will therefore be a security in crisis management. The app helps ensure that the right people are alerted and minimizes the risk of important information not being communicated.